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As we grow, we learn. This Input comes from a variety of sources; some by choice -some are thrust upon us. Some of what comes at us sticks, resonates, makes sense -some does not. We should always consider why we choose to avoid some sources of input in favor of others. This process of consideration involves the PROCESS phase.

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As we are exposed to all sorts of inputs in our life, we process these sources as best we can.

This ability to refine these inputs is part of our maturation process. We develop more refined tools to process inputs like linguistics, reading, input differentiation, etc.


As these tools develop, we begin to prioritize inputs by assigning them to gross categories such as:

  • reason -makes sense

  • goofy -discard

  • interesting -follow up

  • love it -lets do more!

  • hate it -never do again!

and so on.

The challenge is to know why you've classified as specific input into a given category. This is critical because your choices in life will depend on how you've classified your inputs: And your OUTPUT is dependent on your choices.

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Now, having having classified the inputs in our lives, effectively setting a pecking-order [aka priorities] to attend to, we then tend to ignore those experiences we deem to be of little value or sense to us, and pursue those things that we deem more important.


WHY important, we don't always evaluate -often we pursue activities, people, or things that simply make use feel good. Such decisions can either result in short-sighted or long-plays; such is our freedom to choose.

The goal of this site is simply to encourage meaningful and intentional processing of our life experiences [input]. Then my hope is that we will all make the best choices in order to produce the best consequences for not only ourselves, but also for our loved ones, neighbors, and society.

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