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I believe you must be transparent if you want anybody to take you seriously in today’s world; Fake is often easily seen and then irreparable damage to your credibility is done. At least, this has been my experience in life; hence my desire in creating TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES.


This site is an everyman site, sharing in my quest to find the answers that I think all of us are considering. There are plenty of sites with experts who will tell you that you'll be a better person if you'll just be more like them. As I am not an expert, this is not that site. If you desire such advice, you might be better off searching for one of those sites.

This is not to say that I don't have opinions -oh, I do. In abundance. But in sharing, I also find that I learn through the questions and choices of life. But only if you share back: It's called conversation.

So let's be real with each other. Considerate and thoughtful of differing ideas, to be sure -but hate speech, vulgarity, and specific people-bashing really is not conducive in discussing the mysteries of life. Consequently, hatefulness will not be tolerated here; again, life is too short and there are many other avenues to vent in the extreme.


Warning*** Christian content herein | Evangelical bias. 

* more to come *
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