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Welcome to My Shiny, New Amusement Park

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Welcome! I'm your host, Late-but-not-Left. Thanks for dropping by for an introduction and to read my initial blog.


I'll get labels to describe me out of the way upfront. I'd like you to stick around and get to know me a little better, since labels never fully describe any specific person. That said, if some initial notion about me sours your stomach and you'd rather move on -I understand. But it would be cool if you would ride along for a bit, however. You might be surprised.

WARNING: I am a geek, and happily so. I love computer programming,, gadgets, analogies, color, music, graphics, photos, science fiction, and football -so expect a fair mix of these items in our conversations and resource lists.

After 60+ years, I would describe myself as an evangelical Christian: It has been a long journey to arrive here -therefore, my name and title of this introduction. Over the course of years, my journey has resembled a wild ride on a roller-coaster instead of a more peaceful spring day's drive. My wife of 38 years and one daughter complete our little trio-they have endured, uh, enjoyed this ride with me.

I have always been fairly conservative politically (I'd say moderate) with some approach toward some Libertarians. That said, I've been pretty apolitical much of my life. Perhaps not a thing to be proud of, but full disclosure. This is, after all, a site to explore the idea about Truth.

My occupation has been in both Earth and Computer sciences after surviving college during the late 70's and then later, shorter, stents attending two other colleges. You can read more in my About Me page if interested. Again, I did not follow a straight road from point A to point Z: Crooked comes to mind.


So, an Amusement Park, eh? Welcome to how I think. I like to have fun, especially when I learn something along the way. I love collaboration, so I hope you'll reply to blog articles and in forums that I'll be opening up soon.

The Goal herein is to explore the concept of Truth. What is it. How do we deal with it. Why we do what we do. And then why things happen as they invariably do. Can we do better? Be better? Should we even care? Does it even matter?

Along with the conversations, I've tried to pull together a lot of resources that I have encountered along my journey. I hope you'll find some of the sites, music, quotes, photos, and books interesting, if not helpful.


Well, to have fun. To share ideas. Maybe learn something new. To share some of the cool sites and resources I've found. Maybe to help folks avoid some of the pitfalls of life that I tripped into or over. I think we all would like to leave a legacy of helping our neighbors (we are all neighbors!). If you have any cool gems you'd like to share, I hope you'll feel comfortable to do so. Before doing so, however, please read this notice.

Next Time...

I'd be honored if you'd come back for my next blog. We'll start talking about how we all build our own TDB and how we use it. [you'll have to come back to find out what this cool anagram I made up stands for]

If you feel compelled to vanish, I wish you well -it was nice having you stick with me this far. Please consider leaving a comment or contact me as you feel led.

Peace to all.

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